Useful tips

3important preparations for foreigners to complete their inheritance procedures in Japan.

  •  1)

    Obtaining certificate of family relationship in advance

    We recommend obtaining various certificates regarding personal/ family status issued overseas in advance (examples: birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, etc.)
    To examine Family documents, such as Korean and/or Taiwanese family registration records required at the time of inheritance in advance. Be sure that there is no contradiction among different documents.

  •  2)

    To keep written records indicating what and where your property is.

    It may be worth writing down the details of your assets and liabilities (Name of financial institutions and branch, location of your properties, brands of your owned shares, etc.) and their storage locations.

  •  3)

    Prepararion of your testament

    In succession, the national law of the inheritee will be applied (The nationality of the heir does not matter). Be aware of the difficulties (and/or time- consuming) proving the application of foreign laws, in Japan.

    In the testament, it is recommended to indicate: “the list of all heirs to your property” and that “Japanese law shall be applied in my inheritance”.
    This makes the procedures involved in the inheritance of real estates and/or deposits much easier.