Scope of

Commercial Registration Services:

Company establishment, Capital increase, Merger and acquisition,
Company splitting, Change in executive staff, etc.

Real Estate Registration Services:

Change of ownership titles through sales and purchases, donation, inheritance, etc.,
Establishment of mortgages
Attorney Services at Summary Court, Court Document Preparation Services

Court Proceedings:

Actions for small claims, Demand for payment, Petition for voluntary bankruptcy, etc.
Legal Guardian Services for Aged Persons, etc.

Acquisition of Government Permissions and Permits:

Initiation and/or revision approvals for construction businesses,
Building lots and buildings transaction dealing business,
Used goods dealing business, Adult entertainment business, etc.
Agency services for getting immigration permits, visas, naturalization permits, etc.

Characteristics of international business done by our firm.

Our main international services are as follows.

  •  1)

    The registration of real estate property in Japan purchased/sold by foreign citizens and/or Japanese citizens residing overseas.

  •  2)

    To perform inheritance registrations of real estate property held in Japan by foreigners and/or Japanese person living in foreign countries.

  •  3)

    To perform registrations of company establishment and/or to perform procedures required by Japanese foreign exchange law.

  •  4)

    To acquire and/or to change and/or to renew resident statuses enabling foreigners to work in Japan

  •  5)

    Naturalization procedures with which foreigners obtain Japanese nationality

  •  6)

    Translations (to English) of: property registration records, family registration records and/or contracts .etc, written in Japanese.

Our firm has both licensed Shihoushoshi lawyers and Gyouseishoshi lawyers. By the two legal professions closely working together, we can provide highly specialized services.

For example, In registration of the establishment of a foreign business in Japan,the involvement of both types of lawyers is crucial. Company registrations can only be done by a Shihoshoshi lawyer, but even if the company is successfully registered, it is meaningless unless the applicant gets a resident status as its manager. Applications for residential statuses (such as “business manager”) can only be handled by a Gyoseishoshi lawyer.

In such cases, . our firm can provide a total solution where the applicant can establish a company satisfying the standards required for obtaining the status of “business manager”.

Various approvals, permissions and/or reports will be required when you will remit company capital from overseas and/or to get licensed as an antique dealer (”Kobutushou”) when you will sell useds car, etc.

We can provide a “one-stop service” for registration, approval, permission and/or reports, etc. which are required for a smooth entry into the Japanese business environment.

We will provide strong professional support to foreign citizens looking for new opportunities in Japan!